About Us

Serve Above is a brand exclusively created for and designed by proud families of military fallen heroes.

It was founded as Andrea's tribute to honor her father. He was a proud Army veteran who passed away in November 2022 due to cancer complications.

If you were to take one thing from Serve Above... It’s to take our mission seriously: Honor fallen heroes and veterans and continue to love family. After all, this brand was built on family. 

Our apparel represents who we are and the people we love.

If our shirt can be your token representing that love for family and if our brand can be your promise to love, then we can't wait for you to wear our apparel with us.

Andrea knows what we’re representing and she knows it’s a big undertaking. Thankfully, you’ll literally be wearing her heart.

The heart of this brand is her dad. It’s you and all the loved ones you’re honoring. It’s us, our memories, and our hopes.

Welcome to Serve Above

  • We’re a family.

    We love our family, honor them, and treat others how we want to be treated.

  • We do our best.

    We pour our hearts into what we do because there’s no better way.

  • We stay authentic.

    Be yourself, be honest, and admit mistakes.

  • We are grateful.

    Our glass is always half full and we count our blessings, no matter what.

  • We do all things with integrity.

    No cheating. We do it the right way, even if it’s the hard or long way. 

  • We never give up.

    We made it this far. We learn and keep going.